Final Mashup!

This is my final mashup, its follows the same previous layout i updated. It has three collums for the main information, the main information out of the three is slightly larger becuase i feel it is more important.

There are a few things i didnt get to work in my mashup that i would of like to have in there. For game new, game reviews and videos i would of each have a search sections, so people can search for older videos or reviews Making it quicker to navigate rather then looking through the whole list. I would of had a proper images search, so people dont have to leave the page and search for the a game on google.

The mashup have quite a few similarities to the tsunami layout, however the i feel that this is the best layout for the information that the mashup is providing. The three main information is best kept at the top. The three columns would not work horizontaly becuase the section of information is to small, and there would be to much scrolling which making it harder and frustrating for the user to use. Small information in the colums would waste a lot of space on the right side of the screen because it is only a breif description of the article it links to. Twitter feeds i thought was good to place at the botton of the mashup becuase each feeds are only about 2 - 3 lines which didnt affect the navigations of tweet searching. Images are placed at the botton to help with widescreen images, and the little thumbnail images look and work better when placed in a horizontal setup.

Overall this is a web mashup i would use, it suits my needs as something simple which provides the information i only want, in one spot.

URL: Final Mashup



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